Manage your paint thickness quality effectively with the online OptiMesure

At AkzoNobel we think about every aspect of the powder process – not just the powder itself. We know that everyone is looking to save money, cut costs and save energy.  In Western Europe, OptiMesure is available and is a great way of controlling film thickness, which helps you do just that.

In every coating line process there is a need to control paint thickness and quality. Low paint thickness will cause rejects or the reworking of coated items and high paint thickness increases overall painting costs.

We can offer you the OptiMesure software package, which can be provided for installation on your coating line to help optimization of your paint application quality.
The system can be used to collect all film thickness measurement data, and builds a comprehensive database.  This database can then be used to aid optimization of your coating process, managing paint usage and reducing rejects and the need for reworking of coated items.

We are here to help – our technical assistance team will assist you with installation and result analysis.

The OptiMesure system includes:

Bluetooth thickness gauge

  • Fast measurement of coating thickness at the end of your coating line
  • Data  is sent via Bluetooth to your local PC
  • Data collection software
  • Your reports are designed to fit your requirements by product type
  • Selectable measurement positions
  • The data is stored in a local database
  • The data is exported into Excel for detailed analysis
  • Paint thickness reports can be filtered by color, report, date, work order and measurement position
  • There is a photographic display of components, with the required measurement positions highlighted

Desktop PC and Flatscreen Monitor

We provide you with a PC with the data collection software installed.

  • Enclosure for the PC
  • An enclosure for the PC is provided to protect your PC and screen
  • It can be wall mounted or free standing

OptiMesure is an excellent addition to the onLINE programme. For more information about how you can benefit from onLINE and OptiMesure in Western Europe, talk to one of our experts.