The Tata Iris

Powder coatings have long been used on cars. Wheels, under-hood parts such as engine blocks and oil filters, and trim such as roof racks and B-posts have long benefitted from the protection and aesthetic qualities offered by powder. However powder coatings is coming into its own and transforming the body of the car – and its exciting.

Tata recognized the sustainability benefits offered by powder coatings and the chance to offer exciting new finishes. Designed to compete with the common rickshaw, the Tata Iris is a people mover aimed at bringing safety to a very fast growing transportation market in India. 

Tata has experienced the benefits of powder coating through the use of Interpon A5000 technology.  The benefit of saving energy and providing a vehicle that does not compromise performance, but delivers exceptional savings and environmental benefits was a compelling case for Tata.

We are faced with so many challenges today, but in regions where population growth is well outpacing the global average, looking for innovative ways to aggressively change and discover solutions to the world’s environmental issues it seems that powder coating is one of few truly sustainable options well positioned to grow.  Since powder has no VOC and is nearly 100% efficient you can understand why this technology is a natural next choice for innovative companies like Tata.  Since water is also becoming increasingly scarce, powder also offers a totally dry non-liquid technology.

With a new plant in launched in Dharwad, production expectations are high and plans are already underway for further powder coater vehicles with Tata.


Interpon A5000

Interpon A5000 autobody primers are formulated for superior smoothness and performance properties. They are available in various colors and shades to meet your key requirements