Our powder coatings are ideal for Job Shops and Custom coaters looking for high quality, good value powder coatings.

Trade Coaters are the unseen heroes of the coating industry.  These are the businesses that act as sub-contract coating operations for many different types of end user markets.

The trade coaters market has many different characteristics which all have to be addressed, ranging from establishing excellent business relationships, product and packaging design, through to the logistical challenges.  The customers in this market are the hard working and demanding, but they form the backbone of the coatings industry.

We know that service is key.  So in most regions, we have the largest stock range of any powder supplier, and a range of delivery options to suit any timescale.  You can order a single box of specifically matched powder or a large batch of standard powder – whatever suits your needs.

We also know that as a general trade coater, you may need a range of coating types including liquid paint and protective coatings as well as powder coatings, and our Cromadex Centres are ideally placed to serve your needs.  For more information on Cromadex click here.