On the right track: Interpon D Rail Approvals

The use of powder coatings on rolling stock components is becoming more and more widespread within the rail industry.

Thanks to its excellent anti-corrosion properties, surface hardness and resistance to light and weathering, powder coatings are extensively applied to interior fittings including seats, tables, luggage racks and grab poles.

Interpon has a vast track record within this market working with the major OEM’s including Bombardier, Hitachi, Alstom and CAF.

There are a number of systems available that meet the fire safety requirements of London Underground and harmonised European standard EN 145545. These include:

-          Interpon D1036- Durable polyester topcoat available in RAL/BS/NCS shades

-          Interpon EC- Polyurethane topcoat with anti-graffiti (easy clean) properties available in RAL/BS/NCS colours ≥ 60 gloss units

-          Interpon 700- Epoxy-polyester hybrid available as a topcoat and/or primer (APP 120)

-          Interpon 100- Pure epoxy system available as topcoat and/or primer (BPP 600)

-          Interpon 610- General industrial polyester topcoat available in RAL/BS/NCS shades

Train interiors are exposed to various types of mechanical and chemical wear and tear over its lifespan. Interpon’s range of rail approved systems maximises the retention of aesthetic and functional properties ensuring the trains are looking pristine for longer.